Salary & compliance payments for small businesses on AUTOPILOT!

Finjinn automatically calculates salaries, files taxes such as PF, PT and ESI, and makes all payments from a free virtual autopay account.

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You just need to approve payments. Finjinn does the rest.

Finjinn automatically suggests the laws applicable to your business, creates best salary structures for your employees based on their CTC and makes all payments on time. That's payroll truly reimagined.

Salaries calculated and paid magically

Finjinn does all the number crunching and transfers salaries directly to your employees’ bank accounts on the pay-out date.

  • Automatic calculation of salaries and taxes as per latest laws
  • Leaves, attendance, reimbursements, etc. taken for salary calculation
  • Payment reminder with salary breakup before the due date
  • Instant payment of salaries after your approval even on holidays

Guaranteed compliance with laws

Introducing written compliance guarantee for the 1st time in India. Finjinn manages end to end compliance and pays the penalty on your behalf if it misses anything.

  • Auto suggestion of laws applicable to your business
  • Auto calculation of PF, PT, ESI, and TDS
  • Auto filing of compliance reports on government websites
  • Auto payment of compliances on the due dates
  • All liabilities on Finjinn for missed or inaccurate payments on Finjinn

Digital autopay account for instant payments

All salaries and compliance payments are made automatically from Finjinn digital autopay account after your approval with an OTP. Dot on time and error free.

  • You automatically get one on sign up
  • It’s free and there are no transaction charges
  • Works with your existing bank account
  • Add or withdraw funds at your convenience
  • It’s safe and payments are made only after your approval

Self-service app to delight your employees

Finjinn’s employee self-service app saves you a ton of time as employees get real time data right on their mobile and you no longer get any queries from employees about the basic stuff.

  • Self-onboarding for employees
  • 24*7 access to payslips, attendance and other details
  • Online leave and expense claims
  • Income tax planner for more take home salary

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