Hi! I’m Fin.Your Jinn.

The Jinn and the wizzards.

Meet Finjinn and the minds that brewed it.

Worth solving

Finjinn was born from the dreams of two wizzards who with their powers of peeping into the souls of businesses, uncovered the biggest pains of small businesses. Payroll!

Using years of knowledge from thousands of businesses, their struggles, failures and their inability to adapt to complex tools in the market, the wizards and their passionate team came up with something simple yet spectacularly special.

Jinn for the job

Finjinn. A robotic finance Genie that can grant you any wish to cure your payroll pains for good.

Tracing it’s origin back to scientific calculators, the amazing ability to crunch numbers comes naturally to Finjinn.

And with supercomputers as predecessors, Finjinn is blessed with extremely advanced AI.

Finjinn evolved into a flying Jinn with extraordinary financial abilities and a quirky sense of humour.

Been there, done that.

FInjinn was created by the minds that brewed up Paybooks.

Minds recongnized by some of the world's leading companies in different capacities.

Ask Oracle, NetSuite, Intuit QuickBooks, ICICI Bank Limited and countless others and they will tell you how.

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