Your employees
attendance, I keep track.

Track who is present and from where.

Finjinn provides a top notch attendance management servise increasing accountablity and eliminating misuse.

Making accountability count

The onus of attendance placed squarely on the employer is prone to errors and misuse. By making employees take responsibility for attendance to get paid accurately, Finjinn changes the game.

  • Update attendance from anywhere.
  • Check time cards on the go.
  • Stay on top of missed or incorrect punches
  • Change request with approval workflow

Keep an eye

Puctuality and honesty are key when working in a team. Finjinn’s effective attendance system keeps a check on abuse.

  • Check if members are on time or not
  • Monitor attendance in real time through a centralised dashboard
  • Review original punches vs modification request
  • Approve or decline modification request

No more faking

Misuse of vulnerable attendance systems not just costs the company dearly, it also breeds dishonesty at the workplace. Finjinn offers tech enabled tools to make sure dishonesty is at bay.

  • Eliminate buddy punching, inaccurate time reporting and absenteeism.
  • Enable attendance with selfie option to ensure authenticity
  • Allow attendance only from specific locations

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