For your
employees, I am Teamjinn.

Easy access for the employees.
Time saved for employers.

Teamjinn, is an employee self service app of Finjinn. It helps employees plan better and employers track and respond more effectively.

Archived and accessible

In the fast paced world we live in, accessing payslips should not involve requests and HR departments. Teamjinn makes employees payslips accessible whenever they want.

  • View and download payslips anytime.
  • Access to all past payslips till day.
  • Access to real time salary details.
  • No more requests to HR for payslip.

Tracking time and money

A clear view of leave and reimbursement makes more time for work. Teamjinn simplifies keeping track of both for you to plan your life better.

  • Apply for leave and reimbursements from the mobile
  • Manager can approve or reject leave and expense claim instantly
  • Real time notification of status

Manage time

Keeping track of time spent on jobs is as important for the employers as their employees. Teamjinn perfectly balances flexibility and accountability.

  • Clock in and clock out from anywhere.
  • Track your logged hours.
  • Request manager for edits if you miss punching in or out.

Don’t tax yourselfe

When it comes to taxes, the better you plan, the more you save. Teamjinn provides all the tools an employee needs to maximize savings.

  • View investment options to save tax
  • Calculate tax liability in real time by entering investment details
  • Upload proof of investment
  • Pay lowest tax possible and take home maximum salary
  • Ready to download form 16

Win win

An employee self service app that is just as useful for the employers. With a Help desk for employees coming soon, it is destined to take employee- company relationship to a new level. Employees can have complete control.

  • Self onboarding and data submition
  • No follow ups with HR
  • Team directory to connect with colleagues. Managers get to organize and analize.
  • Clear view of team members
  • All items needing approval neatly grouped
  • Trend analysis of team's leaves and reimbursements

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