Your tax
savings, I maximise.

Savings for employees. Karma points for employers.

Finjinn helps your employees take home maximum salary with a tax planner they will be grateful for.

Guide and Saviour

Planning taxes is not everybody’s game. Finjinn evens the playing field with everything an employee needs to maximise tax savings.

  • All tax saving options in one place
  • Check maximum limit to invest right amount
  • Understand tax liabilities
  • Change investment amount to see tax saving in real time
  • Submit investment declarartions
  • Upload proof of investment online
  • Download Form 16

Help automated

Happy emplyees are loyal emplyees. Finjinn automates the entire process to to help you and your employees stay tax compliant.

  • Auto review and approval of investment proofs
  • Tax deductions from salaries based on latest rules
  • Form 24Q filed and Form 16 prepared

Other business needs that we’ve taken care of.

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