Your leave, I manage

Leave management simplified.

Finjinn has automated all your salary tasks so that you can play the boss. Just review and approve.

Switching off simplified

From a long planned holiday to attending to something urgent and unexpected, when your team needs the break Finjinn makes it happen without a hassle.

  • Easy to check on leave balance to plan.
  • Apply for leave on mobile from anywhere, anytime.
  • You should focus on your business.
  • Monitor leave status in real time.

Leaves on Remote control

An employee on leave means a reallocation of responsibilities and resources at the earliest. With Finjinn levae management can be handled intelligently from your mobile.

  • Instant notification of leave application for employer.
  • Helps in better planning of resources.
  • Easy to approve or reject application with reason in a click.
  • Eliminates hassles of XL sheets and mails.

Built for you

The ease with which an employee can take a break from work, reflects how the company cares for it’s employees. Finjinn is built specially for small businesses.

  • Pre-configured leave policies based on best practices.
  • Compliant with applicable local leave laws.
  • Accurate salary calculation based on attendance data.
  • Eliminates misuse of flawed attendance and leave systems

Other business needs that we’ve taken care of.

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