Your compliance, I guarantee.

You’re covered. That is guaranteed.

Finjinn is so sure of your compliance filing and payments that it pays the penalty if anything is amiss. Zero liabiliy on you.

Wise and precise

You never want to be on the wrong side of the law. Finjinn gives you suggestions and does your compliance calculations to keep you safe and stress free.

  • Automatically suggests payroll compliances applicable to your business.
  • Suggests based on location and headcount
  • Offers option of choosing compliances to follow
  • Automatically calculates PF, PT, ESI and TDS
  • Deducts applicable taxes from salaries

Compliance under control

When it comes to payments, cautiousness is key. Despite everything being automated to perfection for your convinience, the control is in your hands.

  • Automatically generates all compliance reports and challans
  • Uploads reports and challans on relevant governement websites
  • Automatically keeps filing with saved login details
  • Automatically makes payment for PT, PF, ESI and TDS
  • Pays only with approval and OTP

No liability on you

Your compliance is entirely Finjinn’s responsibility. That doesn’t just mean a written guarantee. It means Finjinn takes ownership of your compliance and pays your penalty if it faulters.

  • Payroll compliance reports filed
  • Compliance payments made to the government
  • Ensures business is compliant with payroll laws
  • Pays penalties for you if anything is missed out

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